about me.

Martijn Oort in ScotlandThank you for giving me a moment of your time visiting my site; I hope my work will be of interest to you. You might find something unique in my point of view, perhaps a nice fit with one of your future projects.

Discovering photography at a young age in Amsterdam, my goal was to use that medium as a vehicle to discover the world. Together with clients such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Lexus and General Motors, to name a few, I have continued to work toward my goal of documenting the world through my lens, while creating meaningful and impactful images for my clients.

My work has taken me from the extreme temperatures of the deserts of Africa, to the sub-zero conditions of Northwest Territories and many places in between. The demands of the projects I’ve had the privilege to work on have been fertile ground for expanding my horizons far beyond what I ever imagined.

This continuous cycle of pushing the boundaries and discovering new levels of achievement is at the center of the process of working together with everyone involved. From creative conception, through production, to delivery, I enjoy the challenge of meeting, or even exceeding my client’s expectations on every level and I am almost childlike in the thrill of discoveries beyond new horizons. I enjoy being pushed out of my “comfort zone”.

My productions are meticulously organized and my crews consist of working professionals who love what they do. You got an idea? Let’s run with it!

Photo Martijn Oort